Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sweet & Bitter-Sweet November

November is almost over and I would like to note about the happenings in the past few weeks.

The Sweets:
• GMDC Family Day Halloween Party – as early as September, Reese was already looking forward to this event and yes, she was happy about it.

• Hubby’s birthday – spent the day on health check-up, looking for Reese’s new school and the best part, dinner at our favorite new-found resto, Maimee’s in Little Baguio, San Juan.

And the Bitter-Sweets:

• FIL’s open heart surgery – it was a big shock for the family. 15 days after we returned from our vacation in HK, FIL had a continuous heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. He was transferred to Heart Center where the major operation took place. Our prayers were answered, he recovered within 10 days and was able to go home and continue his diet and medication.

• Reese school transfer – the school was home-based and they had a security concern with one family member. The bad guy had a gun and we were told that he was under the influence of drugs. He got caught and was put into jail. But still, we cannot risk having Reese go back to the same school again. So we decided to transfer her to a“big school” in San Juan. Thank God, they accepted her even though it’s already the beginning of the 3rd quarter!

I would like to end my posting here with this quote from a friend priest, it says "Hold on to God no matter how hard the situation is, coz the winner won't be a winner unless he finishes the race... ".  I have faith that God won't give us challenges that we cannot overcome.  He will be there in every step of the way and will never leave at any point in time...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HK & Macau Family Vacation

Yes, it was one of our wishes, to be able to bring our parents out-of-the-country on vacation. And it finally came true, we went to HK and Macau last Oct 21-23 with my mom, MIL & FIL. :-)

Gani and I have been to HK almost 4 years ago. We arrived on different dates as I was on training and he just followed sometime in between. Anyway, the airport was still very huge and we got a little bit lost on our way out, going to the hotel. After 30 minutes, we manage to exit and hopped on the Airport Express service and MTR. Taking the bus is a cheaper alternative, but we’re afraid to get lost and opted to save time in our journey.

at Airport Express

We stayed in Metropark Hotel Mongkok located just 3-4 minute walk from Prince Edward MTR station. From the hotel, we had a quick lunch at the nearby McDonalds. The little girl got herself Hello Kitty stuff toys dressed up as Ronald and Birdie.

After late lunch, we headed to Disneyland via MTR.  It was good to be back and saw that there were changes with the characters on parade as well as new attractions.

My new favorite is the “It’s A Small World” castle.  Going inside it would take a long walk along the zigzag pathway that leads to a boat ride.  Inside the castle were moving characters singing in the tune of the theme song and was sung in different languages including “Tagalog”!

Aside from it, we didn’t miss to show them the River Cruise which is one of Gani’s favorites. They also loved it, except for Reese who got a bit scared from the fire. Lots of walking done during the day, we didn’t get the chance to see the fireworks as we were tired already. Oh well, hubby and I will just target it on our 3rd time visit. ;-)

On our 2nd day, after breakfast at the nearby restaurant (forgot the name, it’s Chinese), we took the Turbo Jet ferry going to Macau. I am not a big fan of riding a ferry, but this is the fastest and economical way to go to Macau from HK. So all of us endured the 1-hour ride feeling dizzy and nauseated, except for MIL who used to travelling to the province by boat before.

I super like Macau; it’s beautiful with all the structures, casinos and shopping destinations! We tried to balance our time between shopping and sight-seeing. The latter prevailed since we would like to experience the place more and it was rare opportunity for all of us to be there at the same time. We visited Senado, St. Paul’s Ruins and the ever famous Venetian. Then, we headed back to HK.

at Senado

Ruins of St. Paul

Venetian at daylight

Venetian at night

3rd day was somehow unplanned. We had breakfast at the nearby “CafĂ© Corale”. Then, Gani suggested going to “The Peak”. Going there was like semi-hiking especially for the young-at-hearts and fortunately, we made it. From there, we rode the train climbing up and going down.  The highlight was seeing the view of high rise buildings on mountains, something you don’t see daily.

Last stop was at my favorite place in HK, the “Citygate Outlet Mall”. 2 hours of shopping was not enough to look at my favorite shops, but I manage to get good deals. We scored a cute Nike back-pack for Reese, nice Crocs sandals for mom and me, an Esprit body bag for MIL, and cheap Esprit towels.

Then, we headed to the airport. We barely had time for dinner, and rushed to the airport gate with just 40 minutes before boarding. Our flight was on-time, we landed safely and pick-up the car from Park N Fly. Finally, Home Sweet Home!

Before I make my next set of wishes, I would like to express how grateful I am. I know, a lot of people dream about doing this and not everybody gets their chance. Better yet, let’s all be thankful for our blessings and make sure that we share it especially with our loved ones. The joy of spending vacation with the people you love is longer lasting than spending it on oneself.

Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to tour them in a beach. How’s Boracay for that? Don’t ask me when, I still don’t know. We’ll just wait for the right time. :-)