Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Blessings

Counting my blessings in 2012.

Getting pregnant. We're thankful and excited for the coming of our 2nd baby by 2013. And yes, it's a boy! Still fighting over his name though ;)

Promotion. I got a new job with the same company. But before that, I felt much appreciated by the people I worked with for the past 8 years!

Mimi. My new little ride has given me the comfort that I need especially now that I'm pregnant and my work schedule is flexi. She was even useful during my brother's wedding. :)

Happier marriage and family life. Hubby and I are closer despite of the little things that get into the way. We love each other more than ever! Also, Reese little troubles in school suddenly changed. She's starting to mature quicker than we thought :)

Safety. We encountered a huge fire at the nearby barangay during the wee hours of Christmas. Our family and home were spared. We prayed for those who got affected. Also, my close encounter with thieves was minor. Nobody was hurt and no big thing was lost.

Last but not the least, good health. No major illness this year with any of our family members. Thank You Jesus!

Christmas 2012

Spent Christmas with my family and relatives in Bulacan.  It was a simple gathering from mom's house with good food and fun games. I was in charge of the games and of course, prizes.  It was full of fun, a lot of us enjoyed it with the kids and young at heart.  

Listing down the games I prepared for future reference:

For kids:
- bring me (shiniest 10 peso coin, longest comb, whitest hanky, new 1k bill, and smallest key)
- stop dance
- solve the puzzle
- musical chair

For young at heart:
- plastic balloon, blow with your nose
- jack en poy 20 peso- winner take all
- pinoy henyo-theme is pamasko

Close encounter with thieves

I had my third encounter with street thieves last Nov 15 at around 7pm.  It was during my short jeepney ride from Gabby's going to Kalentong when I realized that the man sitting beside me slashed my bag.  I stared at him and didn't say anything. He went out of the jeepney together with the other thief next to him. I saw that my cellphone charger fell on the floor, but thought of ignoring it. He picked it up and left quickly. And that's it. Nobody got hurt and no other material things lost aside from the charger. I just told myself, he badly needs money. I hope he find good ways to earn it instead.

My first encounter with thieves was I think in 2002, when I was still working with COA in Commonwealth. It was pay day.  My colleagues and I were riding a bus when I quickly sensed that the 6 men who joined the bus were bad elements.  I encouraged my colleagues we should leave. And good thing we were quick in doing so, we were able to escape them.

The second one was in Jan 7, 2005.  I was very tired after work.  I took the fx in Mega strip with the rest of the rushing passengers without knowing that the two were thieves.  I was just few blocks away from my boarding house  when they declared a hold-up. I was brave in negotiating for my silver ring for it's sentimental value, but they still took it and also my 2.5 year old mobile phone, and little cash.  Looking back, I learned not to say a word. I shouldn't risk it really.

With these encounters, I always  felt Somebody is watching over me. He kept me safe and at peace. My silent prayers during commute are always heard. Thank You God for not leaving me at any point in my life.

Friday, November 2, 2012

What's Hot and New

Learned this concept of sharing during our Teaming and Visioning workshop last month.

So what's hot and new with me? First, I'm 4 months pregnant and we're all excited about having our baby next year! I don't have gender preference, all I pray for is a healthy and strong baby.

Second, I've got a new job. This one is not planned, but my baby was! So many new things to learn and also people to get to know too.

Lastly, hubby decided to get me my own miMi car. He would like to cut 45 mins of his time spent bringing me to office daily! Kidding aside, it's good to have this new toy knowing I'll work on a different shift. Plus, the free parking is also a deciding factor :)

Farewell to Rosemount

I've been part of Rosemount team for 8 plus years.  About 2 weeks ago, I had to bid the good times and my comfort zone farewell.  Like everyone who's been with a group for quite some time, I also have to say that it's been a difficult decision for me. 

As I tell my story to some of my closest friends and colleagues, I did asked God during my prayer for only 1 sign.  And to my surprise, it was given to me.  So I took all the courage that I have to go through that process of interviewing, anticipating and of course, patiently waiting.  Then it was over, I was hired for another job within the company.

Just 2 days before my last day with the team, to my supposed to be surprise (if only Dindo didn't have to tell me), my team and boss surprised me with a farewell party.  They started it by giving me a balloon boquet and leading me into the conference room with the rest of the team waiting for me.  I was so happy.  It was the time that I felt much appreciated after all those years.

They gave me a scrapbook with all the warm notes and wishes and to my delight, they even have notes coming from the favorite people I've worked with.  This is something that I'll treasure for the rest of my working career.  I thought I need to resign just to get something like this, but good thing I don't have to!

To my Rosemount team and friends, thank you for everything, for all the good and the challenging times.  If it wasn't for this team, I wouldn't be a better person or leader if you will.  I will definitely miss you and the work we've done together.  I hope that the team will continue to become stronger and wiser.  Good luck and God bless us all!

Home Resto - ll Piccino in San Juan

Since we've moved here in San Juan, we tried exploring some home based themed resto around the vicinity.  One nice discovery was Maimee's, and the latest is Il Piccino which was found through a deal site.

All I can say is that we liked the food and the place.  I'll let the rest of the photos tell you why.

the couple

reminds me of our water tank during my childhood days

pate di fegatto on bruschette, so good

ravioli of the day, their specialty

insalata mista mediterraneo

off the gril, lamb steak

pork schnitzed

spicy chocolate truffle

profitoroies with chocolate sauce

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's Official, I'm no longer in the calendar months

After more than 3 months, I found the time and the mood to update my birthday post, so here it goes.  Yeah, no matter how difficult it is, I have to face it.  My age can no longer be found in any of the calendar months!

I did report to work that day for the same reason I stated during Reese's birthday.  Until September ends, then that's the only time I'll have my fresh leave credits.  (No I'm not complaining, just saying. And besides, as of this writing, I already have it!).

Hubby drop me off to office as usual.   Then after half an hour, I got a call from him that he was downstairs.  I hurriedly went down and was surprised with a birthday breakfast :)

mocha coffee and queen tapa
He filed half day leave from work and fetch Reese for dinner.  We went to Poco Deli in Capitolio, Pasig.  We've tried their best seller german sausage and also the lamb one, but the former taste better.  Another "hit" dish was the truffle pasta that hubby couldn't stop raving about.

I was a year older again, hope a year wiser too.  As for my birthday wish, there's really nothing more than to be with loved ones and to keep all of us healthy and safe.  I pray that when I hit my 3rd double digit year (11, 22...) that I'll be still spending it with the people I loved the most.

Reese 5th Birthday

Before July finally ends, I should really attempt to make it and share our little celebration of Reese’s birthday earlier this month.

She didn’t have the usual “birthday in school” celebration. Her new school is not allowing outside food to be brought in. So maybe, I’ll try to be more creative next time to find another way for her to celebrate with kids.

I wasn’t even able to go on leave… I don’t have credits anymore due to the number of emergencies we’ve had this fiscal year (starting Oct).

Given that her special day fall on a Thursday (coding day), we all commuted to Megamall after school and work. We picked up the “Hello Kitty” cake that I ordered from Bread Talk and brought it in our dinner destination, Yabu.

the birthday girl with her cake

with mom and dad

Reese's and mom's favorite dish @Yabu

their best seller, Gani's favorite katusdon

After dinner, we went to the art place in Megamall and let Reese make her own glass-sticker.

have grown so soon :)

her idea of a nice house

Then, the following weekend, her dad and I spent time with her at Cosmic Kidz.

with her look-alike dad

Reese, we hope that you feel loved and appreciated as always. We love you!

Monday, June 4, 2012

First Day of School - SJA

Vacation is officially over.  It’s Reese first day of school today as Kinder 2.  We woke up very early today for the 7 am orientation even though the school is just 5 minutes away. (need a lot of time to prepare)

Upon arriving, we checked Reese's schedule and found out that she was assigned in the afternoon class.  I was hoping all along that we would be able to choose her schedule, but apparently not.

Her new teacher looks nice and accommodating.  She told me that I have to visit Principal’s office to ask for a change in schedule.  I waited but didn’t have enough time so I decided to just let it go.  We’ll just postpone taking the morning class next year when she enters Grade 1.

I left the school before 8 am to make it to my work-shift.  I don’t have VLs left due to family emergencies that happened in the past months.  Not willing to go on LWOP this time, it doesn’t seem too urgent for me.  So, Len and Reese were left at school.  

i miss writing in a blackboard

copying notes from the board, sleepy classmate across ;-)

Len attended the guardian’s orientation.  They were told about the rules and regulations, and what do they do to prevent bullying at school.  With that said, I felt safer for Reese that she won’t be mistreated by anybody, she happened to have a rude classmate from her previous school.  The school’s principal also gave emphasis on wearing proper uniform: black shoes, white socks (no lace) and PE uniform on Friday with (plain) white rubber shoes.  Pre-school could wear PE uniform on Friday, but grade school needs to wear the school uniform first and just change to PE uniform at school.  I don’t understand why, but they must have a good reason for it.  Also, if students will go somewhere (e.i. mall) after class, they need to make sure not to wear school uniform.  And last rule I could remember, when a student gets absent for 5 days (without valid reason) within a school year, he/she would be given a failing mark of 65. For me, that’s fair and square.

This is Reese's 3rd school, so I could probably come up with some comparison and point out differences in teaching style and school policies and regulations.  Can’t wait to see how much Reese would learn from her new school and how she would be able to adapt. We'll see how it goes.

I already convinced myself few days before that I need to give up my one & only night-time tv watching.  But given that Reese is now on afternoon shift again, I’m taking it back, I could still watch “Walang Hanggan”. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Reese became more interested in arts & craft, probably due to watching a lot of Art Attack episodes during vacation. I know for a fact that it wouldn't be genetic, her dad and I both have a dominant left brain that's why we both ended up with IT.  Unfortunately, this is an area I can't help her with, I'm just not fond of drawing, coloring (a bit), or anything related to art. I could draw something simple, but would need something to copy. Well, you get the picture, it's not just my gift. I could remember Art as my least favorite subject in gradeschool. Every time we were asked to do something, it scared me inside. I don't know why in my case, creativity in that aspect is close to none.

You'll see that in my previous post, I attempted to give Reese some craft in a box. The only thing I could do from the 3 is the clip-on cuties which is just beading. The other 2 would require more creative thinking and a handful of patience. So I have to pass on those.

Good thing I was able to find an art class that will give the little girl a guided lesson on basic drawing. Kidzart at 500 Shaw had a promo in Ensogo, 4 1hr-sessions at a fraction of the cost.

So here are the take-home drawings that Reese made on her own :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Art & Goodbye Summer

With so many things that happened this month, it just dawned to me that vacation is almost over! With less than a week, Reese will be going to her new school as Kinder 2 (equivalent to Prep).

Aside from the 2 swimming getaways, several indoor pool splashing, weekend dining out, malling, and weekly grocery, Reese spent most of her summer days at home. So how did we manage to keep her occupied? Here are the things that helped us with that.

got this cute little craft kits from Hobbes and Landes (on sale)
"copy the color" coloring book from NBS
just add water coloring book from Fully Booked
and Pooh aqua coloring book from Megatrade (on sale)
"Disney Art Attack" drawing book and coloring pens from NBS
her first 100pcs puzzle tha she was able to solve in 2 hours (gift)
Uno card from Daiso, Disney dominoes set from Megatrade (on sale)
And her ever reliable Fisher Price doodle board
which she have used for 3 years now,
added a small doodle board from Toys R Us for travel use