Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011, A Year to Remember

I've always been grateful for every year that God has given me, it's a BIG blessing by itself.  And even if I'm not asking too much, God has far better ways of showing me how much blessed I am and my family.

After the tremendous blessing in disguise "Ondoy" in 2009, we were blessed with our own house.  Then early 2010, God replaced our totally loss car with something that hubby and I haven't planned for.  I know, my thank you's wouldn't be enough...

Now I'll be listing down why I would remember 2011:

* I've been to 4 flights this year - 2 US (jan & july), Cebu (may), HK (oct).  First time in my life that I was able to travel this much. I also had some out-of-towns with family and friends (tagaytay, antipolo and of corse, bulacan!)

* Celebrated our 5th year anniversary with love and a wonderful vacation!

* Mom celebrated her 60th birthday with family and friends.  Best of all, she's in good health and is retired from work on time :). Same thing goes with FIL for celebrating his 65th birthday with a blast!

* Had our family vacation in HK and Macau with mom and my in-laws.  Definitely a dream come true!  Hubby and I were planning about this ever since and we finally made it. This is to share our joys and experiences in travelling with our parents. :)

* Been converted from being a "qwerty" to "touch screen" user. Hubby gave me iPad 2 for our anniversary, then, we got a good deal for iPhone 4 three months later. Now, Reese and I are Apple fanatics :)

* Had the most challenging year at work, my new role. From hiring, coaching, training leaders, working with difficult counterparts, standing firm on decisions, putting up a point, attrition,  and the saddest part, losing my SG boss.  I weathered the storms and came out stronger!

* Lastly, two of our loved ones had major operations, FIL had an open heart surgery and my grandma had surgery due to intestinal blockage.  Both operations turn out to be successful.  Thank God!  We're still praying for continuous recovery of my grandma and hopefully she'll be released from the hospital soon.

Now for 2012, more than anything else, my prayers for my family as always, good health and to be safe at all times...

Update (Jan 15)
My grandma, Mama Tonie passed away. My mom and my siblings loved her so much. She will be missed... May our loving God welcome her in heaven...