Monday, February 27, 2012

What's In My Bag?

Last night while preparing my things for work the next day, I suddenly thought of putting together the contents of my bag that I normally bring to work daily and took a photo of it. I got the idea after viewing a webpage that features bag contents of local celebrities.

I’m sharing my items and some stories behind it: (I’m posting this here but not on FB since this is too personal)

the basics
1)  Umbrella (slim) from Watsons – after having this umbrella, I suddenly realized that I no longer like to carry a more expensive Espirt umbrella that is not durable and more bulky.
2)  Foldable fan – from my sister in Bulacan
3)  Goody’s wide-toothed comb – my indispensable comb for my thin locks, had this for more than 3 years already.
4)  Black pony tail - got this from Cub's in US and have this on-stock since I cannot find something similar
5)  Keys – office and house keys, the key chain was given to me by hubby 11 years ago, that was when he was still courting me :)
6)  Lacoste tri-fold wallet – I recently got this as gift from Gani. He was trying to give me shoes (Sebago or Sanuk) but none would fit my very small feet! We entered Lacoste shop to look for a bag instead, but I didn’t find something I like. So, I had this wallet to replace the worn out one. I promise not to change wallet for the next 5 years, if and only if this one would last!
7)  Pochibi silicon coin purse – had this one last December when I was browsing for gift items at Fully Booked. It was a bit pricey but then I realized I could buy this as a gift for myself. It’s worth it as I used this often than my main wallet.
8)  iPhone 4 – this phone came out from a good deal that hubby had with his officemate. She sold it to us at 24% off and we’re able to reduce the cost more by selling my old Nokia E71. Total savings of 37%, sweet!
9)  Lexar 4GB USB flash drive – got this from Target US for only $7+tax
10)  Mini compact mirror
11)  Mini notebook and mini pen – for personal notes and doodle
12)  Alcohol spritzer – I prefer to have an alcohol even though I also sometimes carry a dangling Bath and Body sanitizer, feels more clean to me.
13)  Tiny bottle of White Flower – the label just came off, I used this if I feel dizzy or have a slight headache
14)  Carmex cherry flavor lipbalm – my latest favorite lip balm, I’ll try the strawberry flavor next time
15)  Maybelline changing-color lipbalm in pink
16)  Maybelline pressed powder in nude beige
17)  Olay natural white moisturizer – to zap unwanted flaky skin
18)  Valda pastilles
19)  Clean and Clear oil control film

Additional items not in the photo are: my Kamiseta canvass bag for carrying small items, my black Kara Nina kikay kit that holds my bare-essentials, company ID and pocket tissue.

My humble bag that is not shown in the picture follows Mariony’s rule: “The bag should not be more expensive than its contents.” The one that I’m currently using is from Parfois. I only have a few bags for work, just 4, imagine that when a lot of women have at least 10!

That’s it! Good thing my macro is working pretty efficiently that I was able to blog while the macro is consolidating data from SharePoint for the past 10 weeks. Talking about multi-tasking and of course, keeping work-life balance in place! Off to grab lunch and still have some time to read "Can You Keep a Secret?" by Sophie Kinsella.

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  1. i've seen tv shows that approach random people in the street and ask them politely to do the whats-in-your-bag challenge. kakatuwa. shempre yung iba may tirang mga biscuit at kalat kalat na receipts.

    love the quote! hehehe! :)