Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Style

I’m no “fashionista girl” of some sort, not even the one who takes time beautifying one’s self. But maybe, since I’ve been browsing some fashion and beauty blogs for the past several weeks, they are getting into me now, and here’s the effect, Reese and I dressing up for summer!

On me: Ann Taylor sunnies, Korean black earrings, Robinson’s accessories white & gold bangle, Atmosphere top, Simply Vera Wang white leggins, Ipanema white & gold flip-flops, Egg see-through bag

On Reese: Children’s Place sunnies, Korean pink flower earrings, Robinson’s accessories candy-colored necklace, SM Justees racerback top, Unbranded floral skort, Old Navy slinged back flip-flops

On hubby: No, I’m not gonna write it here. He’s just a big part of our photo that I cannot crop J

P.S. There’s nothing expensive here, all items were 500 and below except for my sunnies & flip-flops. I guess, it’s something about finding good stuff for less that I really like. J

Pico de Loro Getaway – Summer 2012 #2

From the moment we bought this deal on-line, everyone was already excited. The photos we’ve seen from the website were too promising, something that we don’t wanna miss!

So April 28 came and we all woke up a little early that day for our trip. It was a long drive going South, taking on a lot of uphill and some downhill. A lot of times along the way, I was holding my breath and controlling the wheels on top of my head. Yeah, (you can imagine) that kind of ride. After that much anticipation and waiting we reached the entrance gate. I thought we were already there, but no, not yet, it’s another 5-minute (or so) drive going up and down again before we finally arrived at the door of the Pico Sands Hotel. Finally after 3.5 hours!

It was 12 noon and we were early for the check-in, but we decided to take it and pay the extra charge of 500 so that we could relax and freshen up. Then from there, we had buffet late lunch at Country Club resto . We were told that there was no ala-carte menu and learned quite late after eating that they have it for snack (pasta, pizza and the like). Reese could have taken on that na lang sana…anyways, we didn’t avail the buffet again for dinner because the food was just average.

Right after eating, we walked a little exploring the area and then, let the little girl play at Club Pico. By 4pm, we prepared for late afternoon swimming, when the sun can no longer hurt us! No photo of the swimming as hubby left the camera at the hotel as nobody will look after it.

I would like to note how beautiful the place is, the photos in the website were not lying. I love the scenery, the all-glass church on top of the mountain, the shore (even though the sand is not white), the pool, our room, and even the shuttle ride that took us from one place to the other. I wish I could live there…I'll let the photos show you why :)

with dad

with mom

the little lady

the ladies of the house

innocent looking

the church

church view deck

the family behind the altar

the famous jump shot on top of the hill

aiming to?

hubby's favorite thing to take photo of at the beach

Reese had a blast, she had fun swimming and of course playing twice at Club Pico. As for me, I consider this vacation as the most relaxing one so far. I enjoyed swimming, lounging, taking some photos and strolling around the place. My favorite spot would be the church and its view deck. That’s something I would really like to have back here in Manila, an all-glass church with overlooking of the beach. J

Hubby was kidding me that if ever I got married again, that I should do it there. It is as if we’re not “the couple” right?! So I gave him one of those stares and said, “Ano daw? Eh with whom kaya?!” Ang sarap tuktukan! :p

Coolwaves Ranch & Waterpark Resort – Summer 2012 #1

Together with hubby, Reese, mom and our extended family, we went to Coolwaves Ranch & Waterpark Resort in San Nicolas Bulacan, Bulacan. (yes, the town’s name is similar with the province’s name). From our house in Guiguinto, travel time is about 30 minutes. Kids were very excited, likewise mom. This was our first summer swimming for this year.

my lady-like daughter :)

believe it or not, this is a stolen shot :p

mom with her 3 grandchildren, plus the mothers too

I remember ranting about Amana Waterpark last year for so many reasons, but the same thing didn’t apply to Coolwaves. The resort’s facilities were okay for its price and even though we went there on Easter Sunday, the number of pax accommodated was just right. We were able to enjoy the pool and that we didn’t take a long wait at the shower either.

It was extremely hot that day. I’ve got no choice but to swim with Reese even though the sun was all out to make the most of the time we have with her cousins. As a result, I’ve got this sunburned skin, (yes, that’s my back) and up to this writing, the discoloration is still there. And because of it, I can’t wear any other swimwear that doesn’t cover my back… It was all hubby’s fault, he didn’t go swimming that day and preferred to stay at the cottage to look out for our things. Oh well, I’ll see if he could get his fair share of sunburn next time! :p

Visita Iglesia 2012

Two years ago, we did visita Iglesia on the nearby churches in San Juan, Sta Mesa and in Quiapo. I wasn’t able to take pictures then but if my memory serves me right, we went to: • St. John de Baptist Parish – Pinaglabanan, San Juan • Santuario del Sto. Cristo Parish – Blumentritt, San Juan • Our Lady of Fatima Church – Bacood, Sta. Mesa • Sacred Heart of Jesus – Stop & Shop, Sta. Mesa • Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene – Quiapo, Manila • Basilica of San Sebastian – Quiapo, Manila, and at the • Archdiocesan Shrine of Jesus – near Mall of Asia, Pasay

Last year, we went to only one church, Calaruega in Tagaytay on Good Friday.

For this year, I did my little research online the night before and was able to come up with a very long list of churches that I haven’t been to in Metro Manila. From roughly 30, we’ve trimmed it down to 7 and decided to visit churches in San Juan (yes, there’s still one I haven’t been to), Makati (which to Gani’s surprise he haven’t seen yet), and Mandaluyong (we’ve included Reese’s baptism church due to proximity)

So here it goes…

Mary the Queen Parish, San Juan City

Our Lady of the Abandoned, Sta. Ana

St. Andrew Church, Makati

St. Peter & Paul Parish, Makati

Guadalupe Church

Candle room at St. Francis Church, Mandaluyong

my favorite spot, the tabernacle at San Roque Church, Boni