Monday, April 30, 2012

Coolwaves Ranch & Waterpark Resort – Summer 2012 #1

Together with hubby, Reese, mom and our extended family, we went to Coolwaves Ranch & Waterpark Resort in San Nicolas Bulacan, Bulacan. (yes, the town’s name is similar with the province’s name). From our house in Guiguinto, travel time is about 30 minutes. Kids were very excited, likewise mom. This was our first summer swimming for this year.

my lady-like daughter :)

believe it or not, this is a stolen shot :p

mom with her 3 grandchildren, plus the mothers too

I remember ranting about Amana Waterpark last year for so many reasons, but the same thing didn’t apply to Coolwaves. The resort’s facilities were okay for its price and even though we went there on Easter Sunday, the number of pax accommodated was just right. We were able to enjoy the pool and that we didn’t take a long wait at the shower either.

It was extremely hot that day. I’ve got no choice but to swim with Reese even though the sun was all out to make the most of the time we have with her cousins. As a result, I’ve got this sunburned skin, (yes, that’s my back) and up to this writing, the discoloration is still there. And because of it, I can’t wear any other swimwear that doesn’t cover my back… It was all hubby’s fault, he didn’t go swimming that day and preferred to stay at the cottage to look out for our things. Oh well, I’ll see if he could get his fair share of sunburn next time! :p

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