Monday, May 28, 2012

Art & Goodbye Summer

With so many things that happened this month, it just dawned to me that vacation is almost over! With less than a week, Reese will be going to her new school as Kinder 2 (equivalent to Prep).

Aside from the 2 swimming getaways, several indoor pool splashing, weekend dining out, malling, and weekly grocery, Reese spent most of her summer days at home. So how did we manage to keep her occupied? Here are the things that helped us with that.

got this cute little craft kits from Hobbes and Landes (on sale)
"copy the color" coloring book from NBS
just add water coloring book from Fully Booked
and Pooh aqua coloring book from Megatrade (on sale)
"Disney Art Attack" drawing book and coloring pens from NBS
her first 100pcs puzzle tha she was able to solve in 2 hours (gift)
Uno card from Daiso, Disney dominoes set from Megatrade (on sale)
And her ever reliable Fisher Price doodle board
which she have used for 3 years now,
added a small doodle board from Toys R Us for travel use

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