Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Saturday

After a week-long battle with sickness and another week of recovery, hubby is now doing well.  Finally, everyone in the family is healthy, time for a little thanksgiving celebration! 

So last Saturday, we had lunch at Café Juanita in Pasig.  Just upon arriving, I already knew that I would like the resto, and I did.  We had “kare-kare”, “sugpo sa gata” and “bagnet” with white rice.  For dessert, we tried cassava cake.  Everything taste good, and my favorite dish from Café Juanita would be “kare-kare”, it’s simply the best among those that I’ve tried (Maimee’s & Mannangs).

No photos of the food, my bad…. I don’t know but I’m still not into the habit of taking pictures of food yet, maybe next time.  For now, here’s what I could share, photos of us.

happy Reese

 We thank God for making our family all healthy once again :)

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