Sunday, June 3, 2012


Reese became more interested in arts & craft, probably due to watching a lot of Art Attack episodes during vacation. I know for a fact that it wouldn't be genetic, her dad and I both have a dominant left brain that's why we both ended up with IT.  Unfortunately, this is an area I can't help her with, I'm just not fond of drawing, coloring (a bit), or anything related to art. I could draw something simple, but would need something to copy. Well, you get the picture, it's not just my gift. I could remember Art as my least favorite subject in gradeschool. Every time we were asked to do something, it scared me inside. I don't know why in my case, creativity in that aspect is close to none.

You'll see that in my previous post, I attempted to give Reese some craft in a box. The only thing I could do from the 3 is the clip-on cuties which is just beading. The other 2 would require more creative thinking and a handful of patience. So I have to pass on those.

Good thing I was able to find an art class that will give the little girl a guided lesson on basic drawing. Kidzart at 500 Shaw had a promo in Ensogo, 4 1hr-sessions at a fraction of the cost.

So here are the take-home drawings that Reese made on her own :)

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