Monday, June 4, 2012

First Day of School - SJA

Vacation is officially over.  It’s Reese first day of school today as Kinder 2.  We woke up very early today for the 7 am orientation even though the school is just 5 minutes away. (need a lot of time to prepare)

Upon arriving, we checked Reese's schedule and found out that she was assigned in the afternoon class.  I was hoping all along that we would be able to choose her schedule, but apparently not.

Her new teacher looks nice and accommodating.  She told me that I have to visit Principal’s office to ask for a change in schedule.  I waited but didn’t have enough time so I decided to just let it go.  We’ll just postpone taking the morning class next year when she enters Grade 1.

I left the school before 8 am to make it to my work-shift.  I don’t have VLs left due to family emergencies that happened in the past months.  Not willing to go on LWOP this time, it doesn’t seem too urgent for me.  So, Len and Reese were left at school.  

i miss writing in a blackboard

copying notes from the board, sleepy classmate across ;-)

Len attended the guardian’s orientation.  They were told about the rules and regulations, and what do they do to prevent bullying at school.  With that said, I felt safer for Reese that she won’t be mistreated by anybody, she happened to have a rude classmate from her previous school.  The school’s principal also gave emphasis on wearing proper uniform: black shoes, white socks (no lace) and PE uniform on Friday with (plain) white rubber shoes.  Pre-school could wear PE uniform on Friday, but grade school needs to wear the school uniform first and just change to PE uniform at school.  I don’t understand why, but they must have a good reason for it.  Also, if students will go somewhere (e.i. mall) after class, they need to make sure not to wear school uniform.  And last rule I could remember, when a student gets absent for 5 days (without valid reason) within a school year, he/she would be given a failing mark of 65. For me, that’s fair and square.

This is Reese's 3rd school, so I could probably come up with some comparison and point out differences in teaching style and school policies and regulations.  Can’t wait to see how much Reese would learn from her new school and how she would be able to adapt. We'll see how it goes.

I already convinced myself few days before that I need to give up my one & only night-time tv watching.  But given that Reese is now on afternoon shift again, I’m taking it back, I could still watch “Walang Hanggan”. 

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