Friday, November 2, 2012

Farewell to Rosemount

I've been part of Rosemount team for 8 plus years.  About 2 weeks ago, I had to bid the good times and my comfort zone farewell.  Like everyone who's been with a group for quite some time, I also have to say that it's been a difficult decision for me. 

As I tell my story to some of my closest friends and colleagues, I did asked God during my prayer for only 1 sign.  And to my surprise, it was given to me.  So I took all the courage that I have to go through that process of interviewing, anticipating and of course, patiently waiting.  Then it was over, I was hired for another job within the company.

Just 2 days before my last day with the team, to my supposed to be surprise (if only Dindo didn't have to tell me), my team and boss surprised me with a farewell party.  They started it by giving me a balloon boquet and leading me into the conference room with the rest of the team waiting for me.  I was so happy.  It was the time that I felt much appreciated after all those years.

They gave me a scrapbook with all the warm notes and wishes and to my delight, they even have notes coming from the favorite people I've worked with.  This is something that I'll treasure for the rest of my working career.  I thought I need to resign just to get something like this, but good thing I don't have to!

To my Rosemount team and friends, thank you for everything, for all the good and the challenging times.  If it wasn't for this team, I wouldn't be a better person or leader if you will.  I will definitely miss you and the work we've done together.  I hope that the team will continue to become stronger and wiser.  Good luck and God bless us all!

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