Monday, December 31, 2012

Close encounter with thieves

I had my third encounter with street thieves last Nov 15 at around 7pm.  It was during my short jeepney ride from Gabby's going to Kalentong when I realized that the man sitting beside me slashed my bag.  I stared at him and didn't say anything. He went out of the jeepney together with the other thief next to him. I saw that my cellphone charger fell on the floor, but thought of ignoring it. He picked it up and left quickly. And that's it. Nobody got hurt and no other material things lost aside from the charger. I just told myself, he badly needs money. I hope he find good ways to earn it instead.

My first encounter with thieves was I think in 2002, when I was still working with COA in Commonwealth. It was pay day.  My colleagues and I were riding a bus when I quickly sensed that the 6 men who joined the bus were bad elements.  I encouraged my colleagues we should leave. And good thing we were quick in doing so, we were able to escape them.

The second one was in Jan 7, 2005.  I was very tired after work.  I took the fx in Mega strip with the rest of the rushing passengers without knowing that the two were thieves.  I was just few blocks away from my boarding house  when they declared a hold-up. I was brave in negotiating for my silver ring for it's sentimental value, but they still took it and also my 2.5 year old mobile phone, and little cash.  Looking back, I learned not to say a word. I shouldn't risk it really.

With these encounters, I always  felt Somebody is watching over me. He kept me safe and at peace. My silent prayers during commute are always heard. Thank You God for not leaving me at any point in my life.

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