Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Thank You

I have lots of missed posting... But should not forego this one.  

God gives us blessings everyday, big and small, which I am all grateful for.  Since listing them all would take me forever, I would just mention the major ones for 2013.

Gian,  he was born this year and I fell in love with him instantly. He brings us joy everyday no matter how difficult things could be.  He is very much loved by us especially by her sister :)

New Home,  this was an unexpected blessing from God, a very much welcome surprise! 6 months before, we were broken hearted for not being able to get the other house we badly wanted without knowing that something better would come.  All the undone repairs we endured from our previous home are no more now! We are very much enjoying our new home :)

Yaya,  Gian's yaya is such a blessing to us.  She's the type who could do the work without me asking. With her, I have my peace of mind and was able to move on quickly with the 7 helper mishaps we had.  I hope in 2014, we will get the additional help we need and it will be a bonus if we get her clone!

Holiday games,  I facilitated holiday games for our extended families both sides and also within my team.  Everyone had fun with the games & prizes.  But then I realized that it was really me who enjoyed all the prep and excitement ofseeing their happy faces.  I think this can be my fall back career ;)

Flexi time,  I have not appreciated this much before, but now I really do. It helped a lot in joggling my time between Reese, Gian and cooking before going to work. I was also able to do my chores on the house move coz of my schedule.  Big help indeed!

Good health,  the only sickness for me was when I was pregnant, I fainted during my OGTT. But other than that, I am very thankful to God for my good immunity system!  As for our family, we are thankful that no serious illness than viral infection this year.  I hope and pray for good health and safety everyday.

2013, thank you for the many blessings from God. In 2014, I hope to become a better Me and I would pray harder to have the deep longings of my heart, something that cannot be seen by the eye.