Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gian's 1st Birthday

Our baby boy had his 1st birthday party at Fun Ranch Grand Barnyard last March 29.

We wore checkered clothes to fit with our theme.  

Birthday cake - Barnyard by Luxe Goldilocks

Magic and Games

Friends and Family celebrated with us

With the party host

Gian's ref magnet souvenir from Bulacan

Gian, I hope you'll see this when you grow up.  We love you so much anak!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Home

I was not able to write about how we got this huge blessing before but it's better late than never :)

May 7, found it
July 8, closed the deal

Back in May, our previous home needs major roof repair. I urged hubby to ask our neighbor if he knows someone reliable who could do the job. We had bad experience with those who did our garage extension & repositioning of staircase. They were your typical construction workers who would take advantage of people whom they thought didn't know anything about construction, but they were so wrong!

Going back to my story, so hubby finally gave in to the idea of asking around.  Our neighbor was able to refer a carpenter who could do the job, plus, he told hubby about a house that was for sale nearby.  Hubby went there to check it out first and just few minutes later, I was already with him. We both loved the place. It's a townhouse with side by side parking for 2 cars, a dirty kitchen and a balcony.  Best of all, everything in concrete so no need to reconstruct the 2nd floor.  All we could say is wow, it has everything we wanted!

That same night, we went to the seller's house.  Hubby was the lead negotiator as he always does a good job and has better chances of getting the deal just like what happened to our previous home.  Good thing the seller seemed to like us. He did not post the property for sale online as he wanted to screen potential buyers more closely. He suggested ways how we could acquire the property and so we did. The rest of the selling process happened like the usual. The moment we were sure the deal was closed became realization of another dream come true...

Then from there, improvements has to be made. The townhouse was 4 years old and was not used by the previous owners who decided to stay longer in the US. We did improvements on the dirty kitchen, re-lay out the sink and added roofing and clothes  line.  We extended the 2nd room upstairs to create a walk-in storage.  Repainted the house inside out and tadah... It looks brand new again :)

We  moved to our new home last Nov 9 and had our house blessing last Dec 8, same day of the feast of Immaculate Concepcion.  The priest we got from the nearest church is an Italian (i think) and spoke really good Tagalog.   Family, relatives and some friends were present on this special day. 

5 months later and I more than realized how much I like our home.  It got everything we need. Cheers!