Sunday, October 12, 2014


Yes, this one too deserves a post.

It's been awhile that I've been seeing those tiny round colorful bands at the mall, but was clueless what were they for. But not until I noticed the beatiful bracelets that our HR was wearing. They look so good on her that it made me really buy 2 set of kits and start learning it.  

June 21, it was family Flu vaccine day and I did get a chance to read the instruction in the kit. I was able to do my first "Fish Tail" bracelet. I was quite excited about how easy it was that I also taught Reese how to do it.  That day, we finished 9 bracelets!

Almost everyday after that, I was learning from the web and doing new designs using my 2 peg and full loom. My first love colors were metallic gold and silver.

Looming happened 2 weeks before Reese's 7th birthday. So I thought it would be nice to make bracelets that she and I could wear that day.  And so I did and came up with "Dragon Scale" and "Frilly Braid" bracelets for us and some guests.

The rest was history, I made a lot. Reese also got a Monster tail loom as a present that added some more to our collection :)

Below are just some of the pictures of what I and Reese did. Some were not even captured and were given to loved ones!  Oh well, I am happy to have found this hobby :)

And lastly, the little loomer.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Reese's 7th Birthday

Looming has taken so much space in my ME time that I kinda push out blogging. Or maybe, Facebook has taken its toll on my interest to write since I could share a good portion of what already happened through picture posts. But anyway, my little girl surely deserves this post even if it was months ago, so here it is.

Our little princess in the house turned 7 last July 5.  We celebrated her birthday with family, relatives & friends, and Reese's friends and some classmates (of course) at Kidzville Podium. I've chosen the place for its nice play area, although the party area had just enough space for the guests, but we made it worked :)

Reese have chosen the most loved birthday theme of the year which was "Frozen". So I had to sourced out for items that will accentuate her theme. 

I found Elsa's dress on-line and accompanied Reese to Sonia Lee's store located at Luna Mencia St.  near Shaw Blvd. Since it was quite in demand, they have a dress that fitted Reese, so that was fast!  

The backdrop, customized standees, table centerpiece and welcome stand were done by Party Packagers.  Big thanks to Willa for giving me good price and a nicer design :)

Carrot flavored cake and 50 chocolate cupcakes were recommendations from Willa of Party Packagers.  They were delicious too!

And for the prizes and ad-ons, I chanced upon Hearty's One Stop Shop by Syreen. She got a lot of cute stuff and was very easy to talk to.  I also got some items from Marius, cheaper but it's more difficult to get orders maybe due to his volume of customers.

Going back to the Party, it started at 10:30 am.  Most of our guests were on-time :)

Kidzville's in-house party magician was Marvin.  We requested for him since he did a good job on Reese's 1st birtday at Kidz Republic in MOA. He did fine this round, but I think I like his tricks better the first time.

The Creamery was the in-house food caterer.  I liked all the food they served especially the creamy fish fillet. Also, the lechon from Abub's was so good. Thanks to the caterer for serving it for us.

Party ended at 1PM.  Everyone seemed to have enjoyed, especially the kids.  The fun did not end there yet. Kids had an unlimited play to Kidzville too.  I could still imagine the twinkle in their eyes when it was announced.  The challenge left was for parents and companions to make them stop playing afterwards! :)

Reese was so happy.  We were very happy for her milestone too. That Monday, her classmates were still talking about the party and referred to it as "best party ever". I often hear Reese saying something like "best ever", so I guess it's part of kids' expressions nowadays.

To Reese, we are happy that you have grown up to be a kind and smart little girl. We hope you treasure these memories in your heart.  Dad, Gian and I love you to bits! 

Credits to JPatricio for all the wonderful pictures!