Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2015 Blessings

This is late post, but I am still making it.  Most of my blessings in 2015 are experiences, realizations as well as time spent with loved ones. So here it goes :)

* I became a mentee of the 1st formal mentoring program in the company. It felt like different at first, but I learned to appreciate my mentor and the learnings I got from him :)

* Gian's 2nd birthday was celebrated with our extended families. Kids enjoyed their play time at Kidzoona in Robinsons Galleria.

* During summer, Reese did swimming lessons with her best friend Yana at Dominican College. She did learn the basics. I noted it here coz this is something I did not get the chance to do during my childhood, but somehow learned a little on my own through the "whole day" summer swimming to celebrate my childhood best friend's birthday every year.

* Learned to face uncertainty of leaving Emerson. June 30 when it was announced that Network Power will spin off. God knows how broken hearted I am but felt the comfort knowing things do happen for a reason. As of this writing, I still have not known it yet, but I have faith on the what is, and the what it will become!

* Have better understanding of how we can help our kids become independent and hopefully become street smart. Nevertheless, we are thankful that are kids are both smart.

* Learned to fight for what I feel and make us both realize that we have something worth fighting for. I've been through my darkest times and been blessed to have found what has been missing all those times. It is not easy, but the more important is the understanding that we both have now.

No air travel, no huge material things... but yes those are BIG blessings for me :)