Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2015 Blessings

This is late post, but I am still making it.  Most of my blessings in 2015 are experiences, realizations as well as time spent with loved ones. So here it goes :)

* I became a mentee of the 1st formal mentoring program in the company. It felt like different at first, but I learned to appreciate my mentor and the learnings I got from him :)

* Gian's 2nd birthday was celebrated with our extended families. Kids enjoyed their play time at Kidzoona in Robinsons Galleria.

* During summer, Reese did swimming lessons with her best friend Yana at Dominican College. She did learn the basics. I noted it here coz this is something I did not get the chance to do during my childhood, but somehow learned a little on my own through the "whole day" summer swimming to celebrate my childhood best friend's birthday every year.

* Learned to face uncertainty of leaving Emerson. June 30 when it was announced that Network Power will spin off. God knows how broken hearted I am but felt the comfort knowing things do happen for a reason. As of this writing, I still have not known it yet, but I have faith on the what is, and the what it will become!

* Have better understanding of how we can help our kids become independent and hopefully become street smart. Nevertheless, we are thankful that are kids are both smart.

* Learned to fight for what I feel and make us both realize that we have something worth fighting for. I've been through my darkest times and been blessed to have found what has been missing all those times. It is not easy, but the more important is the understanding that we both have now.

No air travel, no huge material things... but yes those are BIG blessings for me :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Catching Up for Gian

My little boy is now almost 2 years and 2 months old.  He’s 93 cm tall and weighs 19 kilos!  So imagine that?!  A very huge boy that is so energetic and difficult to carry!

I feel a bit guilty for not being able to write that much about him.  Facebook has taken so much of the updates, but I felt it wasn’t detailed enough for me to note his milestones or write some stories behind the scenes.

Given that I have the time today, and need some distraction in life, I’ll do this now.

So, these are the things that Gian can do so far: 
  • Counting 1-10 and also read the numbers
  • Sing ABC, funny to note that the “L, M, N, O, P” part sounded just a hum given that it is the hardest part.
  • Favorite Songs:  The Wheels on the Bus, Ten in the Bed
  • TV and YouTube channels & shows:  Baby TV, ChuChu TV, ABC Kids TV, LBB (Little Baby Bum), Pocoyo, Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom
  • Words:
    • No
    • “Ayaw”
    • “Babay”
    • Oh no!
    • Daddy
    • Mommy
    • “Nanyt” (good night)
    • “La na”  (wala na)
    • Apple
    • Dog
    • Horsey
    • Ate
    • Reese
    • Bye, see you soon! (from Pocoyo)

Also below are some throwback (past) photos that I was not able to post and would like to keep their memories...

when you were baptized, pardon your sister's wacky pose! :p

2 months, Lola Celia visit

5 months, first time at the ER. not feeling well but still very cute :)

7 months, trying on one of the boxes for our house move from Ibuna to Valentine.
Acting mode! :)

14 months, your first time to walk on your own captured at the mall

almost 2 years old, vacation at Pico de Loro
your yaya's birthday

Mom just hugging you during one of your playtime at Kidzville

your first formal attire during Tito Rap and Tita Arrianne's wedding

That's all for now. Gian, I promise to continue capturing your milestones in my blog so that when you already know how to read, you will have a wonderful time seeing this.  I love you anak!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Visita Iglesia 2015

For this year, we did Visita Iglesia in Bulacan, the province where I grew up with.  We were not able to get into 7 churches but all of those we visited have memories from the past.  With us were my mom, sis and niece. It was very sunny that day that even if we have brought some refreshments in the car, it seemed to be not enough to keep us cool. We made the effort to do it this year especially that Reese had her First Holy Communion few days ago.

From our home in Guiguinto, our first stop was at the Parish of San Ildefonso. It is the church beside our school when I was elememtary at St. Martin de Porres Catholic School. It is where I had my First Holy Communion and where we attended several First Friday masses. Also, my sister and my brother got married here.

Second stop was at the Sta. Isabel Church. My dad, aunts and uncles tarditionally go to this church every Easter Sunday to join the "Salubong" procession.

Third stop was at the Barasoain Church, which is more famously known as the church at the back of the former 10-peso bill.  It is where hubby and I got married. :)

Fourth stop was at the Malolos Cathedral.  It is where my sister and I were baptized. 

On our way going back to the main road, we passed by my grandmother's former home.  I saw my cousin Sheila at the store and we dropped by to see Tita Rose and Daryl as well.  We had another round of refreshments in the form of Coke Sakto :). We were all talking and laughing that I forgot to take photos.

Fifth and last stop was at the Balagtas Church. It is where my brother was baptized.

Then we went back home to eat Palabok that mom ordered along the way before we finally went back to our home base in San Juan.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Gian's 2nd Birthday

My little boy turned 2 last March 25. 

Hubby and I skipped work to be with him that day.  We had lunch at Corazon and afterwards brought the kids to Fun Ranch and took advantage of the unlimited play tickets we got from a birthday party few months ago.  Since it was a weekday, the play area was like rented by us, not much kids around!

Sunday came and we had our part 2 celebration with the grandmothers, uncles, aunt & cousins.  I planned on having the kids play at Kidzoona at Robinson's Galleria for an hour.  It was fun time not just for the kids, but also for the aunt & uncles accompanying them at the play area.  To date, for me it is really one of the best play area in the metro!

Right after the happy and tiring activity,  we went straight to Burgoo inside the mall for lunch.  I pre-ordered to avoid the long waiting time for food knowing everyone was hungry and excited to eat.  Food was served in just few minutes after we were seated.  As usual, I forgot to ask for our photo to be taken at the beginning and hubby remembered just when all the food were gone! Oh well, we still have everyone in the picture which was more important :)

Gian, this will be your remembrance on your 2nd birthday.  I know you had so much fun.  We love you to bits anak! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

2014 Blessings

I just watched the arrival of Pope Francis at Tacloban City airport on tv. Despite the rains and winds brought by a signal #2 storm, the people waiting for him were not baffled at all. Such a strong faith & hope that I envy all of them for being there to see our Pope in flesh!

Taking advantage of the free time I have this morning and also the mood to write, I would like to note all of my blessings in 2014. So here are they:

* My promotion last Jan 2014 - my new boss admittedly have overlooked this.  What I did was not to seek for it but have asked how my current role differ and what should I do more or need to improved on to become qualified for the job. He got reminded about it and at the last minute, he took action.

* Gian's 1st birthday at Fun Ranch last March and Reese's 7th birthday at Kidzville last July - these were the 2 major events of the year for our family. Both celebrations where attended by loved ones and friends. The venues and food were also good!

* Ava - we let go of HR (habanero red) to give way to the car that will give us extra seating capacity. We still opt to have a basic car which would be fuel efficient to drive to work daily. Hubby and I will probably get an SUV someday, but for now, we'd rather invest the money.

* Looming - I learned a new hobby this year which was good. Although this did not last that long but I would like to take into account the tons of bracelet and loom rings I made. There's still youtube tutorials for other loom things I can do this year.

* LEAP-A4 - Leadership Empowerment and Advancement Program for Asia, Batch 4.  I finished this mini-MBA and our team's project proposal "Seat Management" won 3rd place out of the 7 teams :) One thing I could have done better was to be brave enough in doing presentation in front of high profile audience. I should have listened to my teammates that I could do it given the fact that I got myself involved in the business process. Lesson learned...

* 10th Year Service Awardee - I have never imagined myself working for a company this long! Emerson has been good to me and I would like to contribute more. Another bonus was that our GM whom I look up to celebrated his 25th year. He got assigned in Manila and what a good coincidence that these milestones happened during his stay with our country!

* Trip to Ohio for the Supply Chain Conference - I was there last Nov 1-8 for the conference and business meetings. It was my first time to meet key stakeholders and visit the factory. Best of all,I did my presentation without being nervous. It made me feel more confident that I can do it! Another best part of the trip were the road trip to downtown, dining at Cracker Barrell, and the discount shopping at Target, Old Navy, Gap, and Coach at Tanger Outlet!

* Family gatherings and games - we had 3 during the Christmas holidays: at Pansol Laguna with Torres' relatives, at Tita Lydia's home with my extended family & relatives, and at Nanay's house with hubby's extended family. Aside from good food and get together, games became good part of the celebration. Among the favorites were: Yankee swap, 20 peso winner take all, name the logo, and name the commercial tag line.

* Family vacation at Pico de Loro - we went back for an overnight stay. It was Gian's first time. The weather was quite cool so we did not go swimming that much. The journey and the place itself were really good. The part that we don't like was the food choices and bad/very slow service. We therefore conclude not to come back.

* Lego - I guess I found a toy that probably I enjoy more than Reese did. I am not really creative so knowing that those little pieces came with an instruction was very helpful! I got to enjoy the Brickmaster - Lego and Friends I gave Reese as a present and that's where it all started.

* Getting back on track with finances - we have sold our car before getting a new one; sold Ibuna house that enabled us to pay our current house in full :) We are now in search for a property for investment, like buy & sell. Hopefully, we'll find a good deal in 2015.

* Above all, we are thankful for all year-round good health and safety. For keeping our family together and stronger. No material thing could ever replace having my loved ones with me! Thank You Jesus for never giving up on me despite my shortcomings. I owe you everything!

-to be updated with some photos

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Yes, this one too deserves a post.

It's been awhile that I've been seeing those tiny round colorful bands at the mall, but was clueless what were they for. But not until I noticed the beatiful bracelets that our HR was wearing. They look so good on her that it made me really curious.to buy 2 set of kits and start learning it.  

June 21, it was family Flu vaccine day and I did get a chance to read the instruction in the kit. I was able to do my first "Fish Tail" bracelet. I was quite excited about how easy it was that I also taught Reese how to do it.  That day, we finished 9 bracelets!

Almost everyday after that, I was learning from the web and doing new designs using my 2 peg and full loom. My first love colors were metallic gold and silver.

Looming happened 2 weeks before Reese's 7th birthday. So I thought it would be nice to make bracelets that she and I could wear that day.  And so I did and came up with "Dragon Scale" and "Frilly Braid" bracelets for us and some guests.

The rest was history, I made a lot. Reese also got a Monster tail loom as a present that added some more to our collection :)

Below are just some of the pictures of what I and Reese did. Some were not even captured and were given to loved ones!  Oh well, I am happy to have found this hobby :)

And lastly, the little loomer.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Reese's 7th Birthday

Looming has taken so much space in my ME time that I kinda push out blogging. Or maybe, Facebook has taken its toll on my interest to write since I could share a good portion of what already happened through picture posts. But anyway, my little girl surely deserves this post even if it was months ago, so here it is.

Our little princess in the house turned 7 last July 5.  We celebrated her birthday with family, relatives & friends, and Reese's friends and some classmates (of course) at Kidzville Podium. I've chosen the place for its nice play area, although the party area had just enough space for the guests, but we made it worked :)

Reese have chosen the most loved birthday theme of the year which was "Frozen". So I had to sourced out for items that will accentuate her theme. 

I found Elsa's dress on-line and accompanied Reese to Sonia Lee's store located at Luna Mencia St.  near Shaw Blvd. Since it was quite in demand, they have a dress that fitted Reese, so that was fast!  

The backdrop, customized standees, table centerpiece and welcome stand were done by Party Packagers.  Big thanks to Willa for giving me good price and a nicer design :)

Carrot flavored cake and 50 chocolate cupcakes were recommendations from Willa of Party Packagers.  They were delicious too!

And for the prizes and ad-ons, I chanced upon Hearty's One Stop Shop by Syreen. She got a lot of cute stuff and was very easy to talk to.  I also got some items from Marius, cheaper but it's more difficult to get orders maybe due to his volume of customers.

Going back to the Party, it started at 10:30 am.  Most of our guests were on-time :)

Kidzville's in-house party magician was Marvin.  We requested for him since he did a good job on Reese's 1st birtday at Kidz Republic in MOA. He did fine this round, but I think I like his tricks better the first time.

The Creamery was the in-house food caterer.  I liked all the food they served especially the creamy fish fillet. Also, the lechon from Abub's was so good. Thanks to the caterer for serving it for us.

Party ended at 1PM.  Everyone seemed to have enjoyed, especially the kids.  The fun did not end there yet. Kids had an unlimited play to Kidzville too.  I could still imagine the twinkle in their eyes when it was announced.  The challenge left was for parents and companions to make them stop playing afterwards! :)

Reese was so happy.  We were very happy for her milestone too. That Monday, her classmates were still talking about the party and referred to it as "best party ever". I often hear Reese saying something like "best ever", so I guess it's part of kids' expressions nowadays.

To Reese, we are happy that you have grown up to be a kind and smart little girl. We hope you treasure these memories in your heart.  Dad, Gian and I love you to bits! 

Credits to JPatricio for all the wonderful pictures!