Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Home

I was not able to write about how we got this huge blessing before but it's better late than never :)

May 7, found it
July 8, closed the deal

Back in May, our previous home needs major roof repair. I urged hubby to ask our neighbor if he knows someone reliable who could do the job. We had bad experience with those who did our garage extension & repositioning of staircase. They were your typical construction workers who would take advantage of people whom they thought didn't know anything about construction, but they were so wrong!

Going back to my story, so hubby finally gave in to the idea of asking around.  Our neighbor was able to refer a carpenter who could do the job, plus, he told hubby about a house that was for sale nearby.  Hubby went there to check it out first and just few minutes later, I was already with him. We both loved the place. It's a townhouse with side by side parking for 2 cars, a dirty kitchen and a balcony.  Best of all, everything in concrete so no need to reconstruct the 2nd floor.  All we could say is wow, it has everything we wanted!

That same night, we went to the seller's house.  Hubby was the lead negotiator as he always does a good job and has better chances of getting the deal just like what happened to our previous home.  Good thing the seller seemed to like us. He did not post the property for sale online as he wanted to screen potential buyers more closely. He suggested ways how we could acquire the property and so we did. The rest of the selling process happened like the usual. The moment we were sure the deal was closed became realization of another dream come true...

Then from there, improvements has to be made. The townhouse was 4 years old and was not used by the previous owners who decided to stay longer in the US. We did improvements on the dirty kitchen, re-lay out the sink and added roofing and clothes  line.  We extended the 2nd room upstairs to create a walk-in storage.  Repainted the house inside out and tadah... It looks brand new again :)

We  moved to our new home last Nov 9 and had our house blessing last Dec 8, same day of the feast of Immaculate Concepcion.  The priest we got from the nearest church is an Italian (i think) and spoke really good Tagalog.   Family, relatives and some friends were present on this special day. 

5 months later and I more than realized how much I like our home.  It got everything we need. Cheers!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Thank You

I have lots of missed posting... But should not forego this one.  

God gives us blessings everyday, big and small, which I am all grateful for.  Since listing them all would take me forever, I would just mention the major ones for 2013.

Gian,  he was born this year and I fell in love with him instantly. He brings us joy everyday no matter how difficult things could be.  He is very much loved by us especially by her sister :)

New Home,  this was an unexpected blessing from God, a very much welcome surprise! 6 months before, we were broken hearted for not being able to get the other house we badly wanted without knowing that something better would come.  All the undone repairs we endured from our previous home are no more now! We are very much enjoying our new home :)

Yaya,  Gian's yaya is such a blessing to us.  She's the type who could do the work without me asking. With her, I have my peace of mind and was able to move on quickly with the 7 helper mishaps we had.  I hope in 2014, we will get the additional help we need and it will be a bonus if we get her clone!

Holiday games,  I facilitated holiday games for our extended families both sides and also within my team.  Everyone had fun with the games & prizes.  But then I realized that it was really me who enjoyed all the prep and excitement ofseeing their happy faces.  I think this can be my fall back career ;)

Flexi time,  I have not appreciated this much before, but now I really do. It helped a lot in joggling my time between Reese, Gian and cooking before going to work. I was also able to do my chores on the house move coz of my schedule.  Big help indeed!

Good health,  the only sickness for me was when I was pregnant, I fainted during my OGTT. But other than that, I am very thankful to God for my good immunity system!  As for our family, we are thankful that no serious illness than viral infection this year.  I hope and pray for good health and safety everyday.

2013, thank you for the many blessings from God. In 2014, I hope to become a better Me and I would pray harder to have the deep longings of my heart, something that cannot be seen by the eye.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7th Year Anniversary

With so many things to do, think about and plan for, hubby and I squeezed in some time for our special day.  Since we now have 2 kids, hubby asked MIL to help watch over them so that we can have our simple date in the city. (Still need to add one more helper to complete our household).

First stop was to visit 2 bank branches at F. Blumentrit.  I can't divulge here why for now so this would remain a secret and will be part of future post if things push through.  I'm praying for what God wants  us to do here.

Then we proceed to our lunch at the new buffet resto in town, Guevarra's by Chef Laudico.  Food was good but I was not able to take a picture of the viand, just some portion of the buffet.

To hubby, cheers to our 7 years of married life. I look forward to more beautiful years of love and happiness with you! :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reese's Graduation - Kinder 2

Sorry for the late post, it's only now that I find the time and the mood to create this post.  We badly need additional helper at home before my ML finally ends...

My little girl graduated from preschool last March 23.  The ceremony lasted for less than an hour since it was made exclusive for preschool while the elementary and high school students had their own on a different day.  Overall, it was short & sweet and very organized, nobody could come close to take photos during the program. I could feel the traditional way of kid's discipline, the kind that I think kids nowadays need to make them tougher to face real life challenges in the future.

One thing I would like to comment about SJA school is that they are very conservative in giving recognition.  During the ceremony, only the 1st and 2nd honors were called upon the stage and parents were not asked to give the medal to their child. Academic awards were simply given to the student during graduation practice. No special awards at all, unlike the neighboring school that gives award to all of its students (which I also don't prefer since it defeats the purpose).  I am not a stage mom nor someone who expects an award for my child.  But I think, students who did very well deserve that form of recognition with their supportive parents or guardian. That's the only concern that I have.  I know, no school is perfect and despite of its flaw, I do like the teaching and values inculcated to their students.

Reese, congratulations!!! Good job anak in finishing preschool and to our surprise, getting an award. We know all along that your reading skill is better than kids your age.  We will always be proud of you, with or without it. :)

We had our little celebration afterwards at Robinson's Magnolia Ice Cream House.


Saturday, March 30, 2013


One of the things I am hoping for my 2nd pregnancy is to be able to provide breast milk to my baby for even 1 month. Before, I was able to give Reese the first extraction which is the more important, but my supply didn't last. This time, I've done my homework by taking supplement about 2 weeks before giving birth and also, getting a new manual breast pump.

Gian's hospital (which is the same with his Ate) unlike before is now pro-breast feeding. That really helps to begin with since I need to know how to handle the first few days when I don't have any milk yet. They gave instruction manual and also helped us feed the baby for the first time.

First photo is showing hubby feeding our baby using a soft medicine cup. The logic is that we should not give feeding bottle right away as this will discourage the baby from latching which is needed to trigger and sustain milk supply of the mother. That's something we both learned the first time.

My breast milk, like the first time, appeared on the 5th day after giving birth. Second photo is showing my first extraction, 3 oz in 40 mins. Yes, it's not that easy. But I have to try harder this time and hope that our baby will also help along the way. More important for now is that I have the first extract to give him to keep him stronger and healthy.

Our Second Child

Everyone, meet our new bundle of joy!

Name: Gian Andrei Torres
Born: March 25, by around 12 noon
Weight: 8 lbs 10 oz

Below photos showing Gian's Day 1, 4 & 5. He looks very much the same with his ate Reese when she was still a baby, kinda carbon copy :p

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Preparing for ML

Written on March 21st.

Today is my last day in the office before I go on my maternity leave. I'm done sending my transition files and notes to my boss, already closed all pending action items on emails and have given final instructions to my team. :)

By tomorrow, it will be my little girl's graduation day in Kinder 2. That deserves another post entry which probably have to wait after I recovered from giving birth.

So what's the reason for writing? Before I finally let my baby boy out in this world, I would like to note the things that I will and will not miss on my pregnancy.

What I would miss?
* My non-gestational diabetes pregnancy experience. Imagine, no more counting of bread, rice, pastries, and frutis. I could eat ice cream, chocolate and cake.
* The baby kicks I got while intensely playing Candy Crush Saga!
* The compliments about me not getting too fat :)
* The concern and random acts of kindness from people even from those I do not know.
* Last but not the least, the PWD lane in Robinsons Forum Supermarket. I will definitely miss getting first in line all the time given that their regular lanes really pissed me off!

Now, here are the things I would not miss:
* My first ever "fainting" experience during the 2nd blood extraction for my OGTT on the 28th week
* The "always hungry" then afterwards "bloated feeling". I cannot eat too much.
* My swollen feet and getting prominent nose as my due date gets nearer.
* Lastly, the skin discoloration :(

I have created this list to somehow remind me of the whole experience I have. Not that I am complaining but more of acknowledging the good and the not so easy parts of this journey.

By the time I finished this entry, I already have given birth to a bouncing baby boy. And each time I look at him, I felt victorious on this pregnancy. Ciao!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I almost forgot to blog about this but it's worth remembering. Since I had gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy, I had to have my OGTT twice this time. First was during my 3rd month which I happily passed.

Then, after several weeks I had my OGTT again on my 28th week last Jan 14.

I had fasting for 8 hours prior to the 1st blood extraction and had to take in that glucose in a bottle. After another hour, I had my 2nd blood extraction. The lady med tech did it on my right arm. The moment she inserted the needle, it already felt different. It seems that a major vein or ligament was hit and I suddenly felt that the blood in my head went down and my vision started to get blurry. I told her that I was getting dizzy. Then she call out to another med tech for ammonia. I smelled it but it didn't change how I feel. Then, both of them tried to pull me up so that they could lie me down on bed. They were asking if I have someone with me. Then, the next thing I know, I was already lying on bed across the lab room. It made me realize that I passed out completely and didn't know how I get there. It was my first time. I lost consciousness for 1-2 minutes and was not fully aware of what's happening around me.

Hubby was there. I knew he was a bit afraid since I was so used to the OGTT process and it was the first time I fainted. The resident doctors checked me up to see if everything were okay. After gaining my consciousness, I know I was alright. I was even able to continue with the test and had my 3rd blood extraction at 9 am that day which was done by the guy med rep who did the 1st extraction in my left arm.

I got the result at the middle of the week and visited my OB The results were good. It's confirmed, I don't have gestational diabetes this time! I was quite happy and relieved. Unlike before that I cannot eat any chocolate or pastry, this time I can eat sweets in moderation to suit my cravings. How sweet!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Baby Fair

After four hectic days at work, I took a little break and gave myself the time I wanted. Today, I went to Megatrade Hall first thing in the morning. I was set to get hold of the best buy baby bottles on sale at 40-50% off!

So after almost 2 hours of picking and analyzing, I got all the items I think our little boy will be able to use, and of course those that I could carry by myself.

Baby boy definitely have taken his fair share of blessings! And yes, I'm excited much!

Update: (Feb 3)
Went back to the fair yesterday but we cannot bring home the wooden crib. BIL helped us today by lending a bigger car. Bought additional stuff: wooden crib, mattress, quilted beddings, and steam sterilizer